“… to make people and businesses realize their true potential by carving-out innovative solutions.”


Strive for excellence, cater 360 business dimensions, enhance capacity and set new quality standards.


Commensurate with our vision, 360 stands for innovation, commitment, growth.  It will change the way the world has looked at business, yet it will never change the three basic pillars that it stands on, supported by our values and ethics.


Respect for employees, customers and society
At 360 we firmly believe that to be respected, we have to be respectful.   Our reputation in the marketplace must reflect our corporate character to which each individual employee must contribute unequivocally and equitably.   We also volunteer to earn respect by being good corporate citizens in the geographies in which we chose to operate.


Integrity in all endeavors
Personal and corporate integrity is and will always remain the cornerstone of our value system.   Integrity builds discipline and character which helps us to deliver on our promise to our customers and stakeholders.   At 360, employees demonstrate high morals and ethics both as individual personalities and professionals to build trust - and that is what matters most - trust.


Commitment to be customer centric
At 360 it is a standard practice to inculcate employees with the value of the customer.   Our survival is a function of our customers' success.   Whatever we do, is driven by what our customers demand.   It is our commitment to match and exceed our customers' expectation consistently and achieve nothing short of customer loyalty.


Excellence in service delivery
Our pursuit to be process driven enables us to relentlessly and consistently deliver services to our customers.   360 endeavors to be a world-class supplier of services to make an impact in the global information management arena.   Excellence in service delivery is our chosen path to achieve the milestone of a world-class services supplier.


Innovation for sustainable growth
We operate in an industry where changes are rapid and where information flows at lightening speeds.   At 360, we believe and practice innovation by enabling and encouraging employees to learn by investing in their skills and development.   To 360 learning is a process and that is what drives innovation with intelligence.   In continuous innovation remains our penchant for growth.